About Us

Drilling Machine Co. was founded in 2003 by Metason Müslüm Ozmen.Müslüm Özmen this institution for many years and after retirement worked for MTA Metason Boring Machine Industry 'has decided to establish a good and among the leading companies in the sector has started to enter.Approximately 35 years of experience in the product, the MTA and TKI Metason drilling 'tender way to work shoulder to shoulder with the service vermiştir.Birçok project had the chance.Metason Drilling Machine Industry in 2007 are reserved for the machine construction.

As a drilling machine construction and drilling services offer Metason.Mine search and a variety of geothermal drilling machines used in the production of services required by the tender need to carry out higher order.On behalf of the working day and night to provide you with the best quality service and new projects are taking with the project group.And qualified professional staff with vast experience in the business of drilling service shows progress with each passing day, succumbing to the working knowledge to the amateur spirit nurture complacency.

Quality of service, we'll be happy to share with you a full working product delivery experience.Any questions, suggestions and feedback to meet us as happy as you edecektir.Lütfen contact addresses please contact us ..

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Mission and Vision

The effective use of resources, environmentally sensitive, competitive quality, and sold more than at the minimum cost production, innovation, and for developments that meet the expectations of our stakeholders, contributing to the economy of the country's main mission is to be a global company.

Total Quality Management philosophy with the Drilling Machine Vision Sanayisi'ndeki leading position, to continue increasing the capacity of the social stakeholders 'expectations and meet the highest level of automation in the production of science and technology to transform one of the world's leading manufacturers of drilling is to be an important''Brand' '.


• Reliability,
• High sense of responsibility,
• Experience,
• Quality consciousness,
• Continuous development of faith,
• Commitment to business ethics,
• The values ​​of cooperation has added value beyond customer expectations.

Management Policy

• Example of leadership to accept and implement the concept of common goals,
• All stakeholders will be satisfied with the results of the,
• Creating sustainable customer value, Organization of the dependent and associated with one another in a series of systems, processes and manages data,
• Development and with the participation of the employees to maximize their contribution, which is not satisfied with the current situation, using the change in learning to create innovation and improvement opportunities in performing, value-added partnerships that develop and maintain,
• Transparent and accountable as a high level to adopt an ethical approach to dealing with the expectations of society to understand and react to them, be perceived as a company.


Customer-focused, and aware of social responsibility as an organization that values ​​employees, occupational health, safety, and quality in the field of environmental laws, regulations and standards as a task beyond the exhibit adopt a successful performance. With a holistic management systems, our employees healthy, safe and provide a clean business environment. To prevent pollution, reduce scrap and waste rates and seeks to eliminate. Occupational health, safety, environment and quality of the technology we use to meet our expectations.


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